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“I have massively built up my strength this year and Alex has been helping me battle my weaknesses. My confidence with both lifting and gymnastics has grown wings!! This year I gained my best ever placing in the open and my first ever full individual Regionals event.”

Charlotte Spence

“Alex is very supportive and knowledgeable, and will adapt exercises where needed. Every day is challenging, but I can see and feel improvements all the time. The programming fits around my busy shift work, and means I don’t spend hours in a gym everyday.”

Sian Peters

"I have seen PBs in about 95% of my lifts. I also continue to build my aerobic capacity and I'm enjoying it. Not only am I seeing an improvement in the gym, but it has become more apparent on the rugby pitch. I am a lot faster and stronger than I have been before."

James Miller

“Despite the three separate injuries I was managing at the time, bespoke programming allowed me to not only start to recover whilst training but also gain strength. I would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone serious about Functional Fitness.”

Joe Walker

"15-20% increase on all my lifts, minutes knocked off of benchmark workouts and comfortably qualifying for competitions I never would have attempted in the past. Each day is something new and I’m constantly getting better.”

Lee Neale

"I would highly recommend Rx Athletes to anyone who has any ambition to thrive, push hard and improve overall to become an All round athlete. Rx Athletes is just outstanding. I always looked forward to the next day's session and found myself growing as a person and an athlete which has encouraged me to compete from scaled events to Rx within 2 years."

Adam Gilroy

"Since day one working with Alex and the team, I have felt so comfortable and that has everything to do with the programming, and the community that pushes me daily. After a couple of months of getting more comfortable with the movements under fatigue, I started to see substantial gains. I’m no Athlete, I just wanted to embrace the new training methodology and enjoy my training. By far my biggest challenge has definitely been recovering since breaking my back, but the programme allows me scaling options and whenever I’ve asked for help I’ve got it, immediately in most cases. I’m on the mend once more now, and whilst building back I want to enjoy the journey again and find that passion once more. I can’t rate Alex the team and more importantly the programming any higher please get involved, you don’t have to be Rx to be Rx, scale for life!"

Anthony Gibson 

“I would 100% recommend RX Athletes to anyone looking for solid, well structured and easy to follow programming. I’d dabbled with functional fitness before signing up to RX but it wasn’t until I had professional programming that I started to see real progress.”

Craig Ratcliffe

“I first started with RX athletes around a year ago now. The programming has been extremely consistent with great coaching tips for each workout. Movements are progressed over a number of weeks. Since starting I have seen PB’s in every single lift (Squat, bench, deadlift, clean, clean and jerk and snatch). My gymnastics skills have hugely increased Aswell as both my aerobic and anaerobic endurance. I couldn’t recommend the programme enough. Extremely good value for money.”

Ryan Mcgregor

"I’ve followed the RX Athletes programming for several years and found it great. It’s well structured, progressive and pushes you as an athlete to attack your goals. Whenever I’ve reached out for help from Alex, he’s been there. Great program, quality coach."

Ross Parry

"Rx athletes is great for anyone looking for a structured programme to improve! Suitable to all abilities and very affordable🙌🏼 I personally struggled with the gymnastic elements to CrossFit but after joining Rx I seen a massive difference not only when completing accessories but during workouts😅. As someone also looking to step their game up, Rx definitely done that for me with the volume of training there was to complete! I would recommend to anyone of any ability👌🏼"

Rebecca Nesbit

"Rx Athletes goes above and beyond in hitting your fitness goals. The workouts are challenging but fun. It’s nice to have a program that keeps me on track and helps me build consistency and hit my goals regularly."

Tom Foz

"I would highly recommend RX athletes for anyone looking for a high quality strength and conditioning program. With daily workouts always varied and an online leaderboard to keep you focused and pushing hard. 10/10 would recommend"

Antony Malcolm

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