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The no fluff get really fit training plan.

Warrior Fit
(Per Month)

An effective training program that skips the fluff and focuses on getting athletes seriously fit by implementing a combination of S&C and functional based training, but without some of the complex movements found in a regular CrossFit program. For example removing; Snatch, Handstands, Pistols, Double Unders and Muscle Ups. The program will build strength, power and aerobic capacity, but also ensure athletes remain agile, mobile and fast. Overall this program will get you seriously fit and would suit any hybrid or functional training athlete.

Athletes Rating
Given the complexity, load and intensity of the programme
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If athletes can complete all movements without limitations
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Everything you could need to become the athlete you want to be.


  Mobile App Access
   5 Training + 1 Recovery Day Per Week
√  60-75 Mins of Training Per Session
√  Rx Community support
 Rx & Scaled Variations of Workouts
 Leaderboard and Workout Tracking
 No Contract (Cancel Anytime)
  7 Day Free Trial

The Rx team are always expanding and innovating. Continually creating additional value for all our athletes. We won't feel satisfied unless all athletes that join the Rx community are happy with their training and their fitness progress. That means we need to keep evolving and exploring the best ways we can provide our programming. When you sign up to Rx you are not just signing up to a static program, you are signing up to be part of an expanding company looking to make positive change in the world.

"I would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone serious about Functional Fitness" - Joe Walker
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Sample Training Day 1

Warrior Fit

Warm Up

2 minutes on the Bike

2 rounds of:

10 Inchworms
10 Lunges with twist
10 Goblet Squats with light KB

10 Deep squat with thoracic rotation
10 Leg swings Each leg

Start to warm up the Squat:

Set of 10 squats  with the bar
Set of 8 @ 40%
Set of 6 @ 50%
Set of 5 @ 60%
Set of 5 @ 70%

Strength - Back Squat

5 Sets of back squat @ 80%1RM

Rest 2 Mins between sets

Depending on how much you have been squatting will depend how you find this %. Either way, we will build on this over the next few weeks. 

Accessory 1

3 sets of Good mornings at a moderate weight 

Working some hamstrings and our posterior chain. Dont worry too much about the weight and focus more on good movement. 

Accessory 2

EMOM 10 

Complete between 3 -10 strict pull ups on the minute every minute for 10 minutes. Aim is to stay consistent across the sets, with us looking to improve over the weeks.
Record total reps completed.


For time complete

Check in of 500m row or 400m Run
21, 15, 9 of
KB Swings 24kg/16kg
Box Jumps 24/20"

"To simply put it, if you want to progress at CrossFit, Rx Athletes is for you." - Sam Wilcox


Why was this program created?

A lot can be said for the actual functional fitness necessities of some specific movements found within CrossFit. Although health has always been the prime driver behind the CrossFit methodology, the CF Games may have taken the effective measurement on testing the 'Fittest on Earth' to an area that might challenge authenticity. It could be argued that selecting out (removing) certain movements would offer more validity in finding the fittest. This program aims to bridge the need of ‘quality’ with the demand of ‘beneficial’ and give athletes a highly competitive program without the increased need to learn advanced skills and to minimise the potential risk of injury. Warrior Fit athletes absolutely compete and they are ready to compete in just about anything.

What does the program look like?

The program will generally be scheduled for a 3/1 & 2/1 training split on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with an optional active recovery day on Thursday (normally a low impact session or swimming). Each session will take around 60-75 minutes to complete depending on how much the athlete wants to squeeze the recovery time between elements.

Each session includes a good warm-up and will include a number of elements to develop strength, conditioning and some form of accessory, skill or core work.

Programming will be published on Sunday night for the first 4 days of the week (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu) and then again on Thursday night for the remaining 2 days (Fri & Sat). Sunday is a rest day. Athletes will only be able to see a maximum of 3-days forward (to avoid too much workout 'selecting').

What movement experience and skill level is required?

Warrior Fit is a program designed for a number of athletes, including:


  • Military and Emergency Services athletes who need to remain operational fit all year round.

  • Hyrox and Assault Course competitors who understand that strength and conditioning are both needed.

  • Those athletes that just want a decent S&C style program that can be completed in one daily training session.

Therefore the program consists of various movements, including (but not limited to):


  • Clean / Press / Deadlift / Squat / Thruster

  • Pull Ups  / Push Ups / Burpees / Box Jumps

  • Rope Climbs / Carries / Holds / Sled Push

  • Rowing / Cycling / Running


Of course all movements can be scaled and a workout description will contain recommendations for alternative approaches to get the same or similar adaptation from specific elements.

What equipment will I need?

Warrior Fit is designed to be completed in just about any gym setting and even most garage gyms. Equipment needed would be as follows (but not limited to):

  • Barbell / Plates / Squat Rack / Pull Up Bar

  • KBs (Various Loads) / DBs (Various Loads)

  • Plyo Box / Sandbag or Pack 20-45lb (10-20kg) / Sled

  • Cones / Climbing Rope / Resistance Bands

  • Bike / Rower / Skierg

What's the difference between Rx Performance and Warrior Fit?

Rx Performance is intentionally designed for athletes who want to start competing in CrossFit. This involves developing strength, developing a strong engine and practicing a lot of the specific skills only found within CrossFit competitions.. Warrior Fit is more suited to athletes that want to reap all the benefits from a CrossFit style competition program but without all the complex lifting and advanced skill work (of which is only found in CF Competitions). Therefore, Warrior Fit athletes can still get all the benefits of building strength, developing a powerful engine, but skip all the other stuff that may not necessarily be essential for achieving 'real fitness'.

What should I do if this program is too easy?

If you're getting through the program and finding you need a little more, try adding just a single element to the backend of your sessions, like targeting a weakness or working on a specific skill. Lastly, you could always finish off the session by completing the daily WOD on those days you're feeling particularly energised.

What should I do if this program is too difficult?

If you're struggling to get through each session, maybe consider moving to a 3-day program, focusing on the elements where you need the most work. Or try reducing some of the volume by lowering reps and dropping a couple of sets during the strength elements. But remember every program takes a little time at the beginning to build some resistance in the body to handle the workload. The most important thing is to stick with it and build a consistent routine.

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