The no fluff get really fit training plan.

Warrior Fit

An effective training program that skips the fluff and focuses on getting athletes seriously fit by implementing a combination of S&C and functional based training, but without some of the complex movements found in a regular CrossFit program. For example removing; Snatch, Handstands, Pistols, Double Unders and Muscle Ups. The program will build strength, power and aerobic capacity, but also ensure athletes remain agile, mobile and fast. Overall this program will get you seriously fit and would suit any hybrid or functional training athlete.

Everything you could need to become the athlete you want to be.


  Mobile App Access
   5 Training + 1 Recovery Day Per Week
√  60 - 75 Mins of Training Per Session
√  Rx Community support

 Rx & Scaled Variations of Workouts
 Leaderboard and Workout Tracking
 No Contract (Cancel Anytime)
  7 Day Free Trial

The Rx team are always expanding and innovating. Continually creating additional value for all our athletes. We won't feel satisfied unless all athletes that join the Rx community are happy with their training and their fitness progress. That means we need to keep evolving and exploring the best ways we can provide our programming. When you sign up to Rx you are not just signing up to a static programme, you are signing up to be part of an expanding company looking to make positive change in the world.

"I would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone serious about Functional Fitness" - Joe Walker

Sample Training Day 1

Warrior Fit