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Programming that produces real results.

Level Up Your Training 

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Find Your Training Program

We keep our programs simple and effective.

CF athletes who train once a day and like to compete in local and national comps.


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Purposely designed programming to allow masters athletes to compete.

Coming Soon

Advanced programming for high-end competition ready athletes.


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A specifically produced program that prioritises weightlifting elements.

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An effective training plan that skips all the 'fluff' and focuses on getting fitter.


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Our favourite 100 engine building and aerobic development workouts.

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How do the programs work?

Programs will be accessed through the Fitr Training web application. Athletes will be granted access to their daily program upon sign-up.

Who designs the program?

Rx Athletes have a series of experienced coaches that work collectively to provide the best programs on the market. Coaches are assigned specific areas of programming to utilise their professional qualifications and skill set.

I'm new to programming, where's a good place to start?

It's a difficult question to answer without knowing the specifics of each individual athlete. However, there are some common traits that exist with certain demographics that want to get into remote programming, but please take these responses with a pinch of salt as there are too many variables to be completely correct. Groups and answers are as follows:


  • Brand new to any functional training, CrossFit or strength and conditioning training.

If you are brand new to this style of training it's highly advised you look into joining a local CF Box and completing an on-ramp course. This will teach you all the basic movements and enable you to learn progressively in a logical and safe environment. Alternatively, you can get the same effect by finding a suitable PT/Coach to teach you the same. The only program that is recommended at this point is our beginner 4 week intro program (coming soon).


  • Athletes with 6-12 months of experience just getting into competing and wanting to transitioning out of regular CF classes (or similar). Looking to compete in local or national events as an individual or team member.

For athletes that are looking to progress their competition performances and ability, one step further than what is on offer from a CF Box, it's highly recommended you look into a program like Rx Performance. This is a 60-90 minute, 1-a-day session that is intentionally developed for this sort of athlete.

  • Athletes with 12-24 months plus experience and are already competing at competitions and want to take their training further.

At this point it's hard to imagine this sort of athlete has not followed some sort of remote or additional program. As a GPP (general physical preparedness) program developed by a CF box is unlikely to provide enough adaptation to position an athlete to be competition ready. If you are competing at high-end, national level competitions it's advised you look at the Rx Complete program. A 2-a-day 2-3 hour training (total) session 5 days a week. Developed for advanced, high-end athletes.


  • Athletes that have experience but no desire to incorporate any of the highly technical aspects that are often found in weightlifting, CF and functional training. For example: Snatch, Handstands, Muscle Ups, etc.

For athletes that are fit, just not 'CrossFit'. We would recommend our Warrior Fit program. This program was designed with this sort of athlete in mind. Someone who wants to get fitter, stronger, faster, but without all the potentially unnecessary elements that go with competing in CrossFit.

When is a good time to start a program?

This really depends on what sort of program you are joining. Most of the monthly recurring programs can be joined at anytime and results will still be produced as they operate on layered training cycles so you should never really miss an element if you stay on long enough. One off purchased programs start all athletes on week 1, day 1 of that specific program. Either as an individual on a chosen date by the athlete or as a community on a specific dates chosen by the coach. Either way, you will be starting at the same place as everyone who signs up to one of these programs.

How do I cancel my program?

Cancel memberships easily from your membership account settings within FITR application. Or alternatively, just drop us an email or message on the contact page and we will cancel it immediately upon reading.

Are we missing a question you would like answering?

We are available to answer all questions, queries or concerns. Simply drop us an email or message via the contact page and we will response as soon as possible. In addition, if we get that question more than a few times we will add it onto the FAQs for future users.

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